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We would love to connect with you to help answer any questions you might have. If you are wanting more information about Bellview or would like to plan your visit with us please fill out this connect card. 

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Join A Small Group

At Bellview we feel that most of the growth and discipleship of our congregation happens within our small groups that we call small Groups. In a small group setting we discuss the deep biblical truths and how to apply them to our daily lives. It is a safe place for people of all types of backgrounds and levels of biblical knowledge. Joining a small group is one of the best ways to get connected to a group of believers who live out their faith journey. 

Studying on the Grass
C.H.I.L. Lunch

If you are new to Bellview and would like to know more about our church and about membership, then sign up for the next C.H.I.L. lunch. We would love to serve you lunch and get to know you better, as well as answer any questions you might have. 

Team Lunch